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Create a new embroidery pattern

1) Load a new image. You can select any image or photo on your computer.

Attention: If you leave the website, then all changes will get lost.

select image

2) Select the number of stitches in width. Depending on the image size, the number of stitches is then automatically calculated in height.
The maximum width is limited to 400 stitches. If the number of stitches is high the calculation may take a few seconds depending on the system performance.

3) Select the number of colours that should be within the stitch pattern. During the computer calculation some of the embroidery colors are optimized so that the result contains fewer colors.
Try out different numbers of color and choose the best result while keeping the number of colors low.

4) Choose your embroidery thread. The type of thread determines the color palette that you will use in the pattern. You can currently choose between "all colors", "Anchor" and "DMC". Choosing DMC or Anchor the corresponding thread number will be displayed.

5) Now your are ready to create the stitch pattern! Press the button "Create Embroidery Pattern".

6) It is also possible to load a new image.

create embroidery pattern

7) Once a stitch pattern has been created, a preview of the embroidery pattern appears. Below the preview you will also find the number of colors and an overview of the colors or yarns that are used in the stitch pattern. If you still want to optimize the result you can adjust settings and reload your stitch pattern again.

If you press the button "Save Embroidery Pattern" a PDF document will be provided. In the PDF document you will find all important information of the embroidery pattern: a schematic representation, informations about the used thread colors etc..

Now you are ready to start your new embroidery project! Enjoy it!

save embroidery pattern

2) Edit Image

1) The button "Edit Original Image" has the ability to make adjustments to the image. You can easily improve the results of the embroidery pattern and experiment with different settings.
The customization options are kept very small. Therefore we recommend using Gimp or Photoshop for larger revisions of the image or photo.

Edit Image

2) With the button "Customize Colors" you can change the color values of the image. The following options are available:

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
To change the values you have to move the slider.

Farben ändern bearbeiten

3) By clicking the button "Crop Image" you have the possibility to cut out parts of the image. You can cut away the background of an image for example and focus on the important part of the image. It can significantly improve the result of the embroidery pattern because the colors of the background don´t affect the motive in the foreground.
You can crop the image by pressing the left mouse button and describing a rectangle on the screen. When the desired image section is highlighted, you can release the mouse button and the image will be cropped.

4) 1) The "Draw" mode allows you to modify your image or photo by drawing within. You have two options to select your drawing color:
Clicking in the input field "choose a color" a color palette will appear from which you can choose the new color or type down the hex color code of your drawing color.
2) Using the option "Pipette" you can directly select the colors in your image or photo. The hex color code will appear in the input field "choose a color".
Adjust the brush diameter and skip back to the "Draw" mode. You're ready to start drawing within your image or photo!

You can fill all areas in the image or photo that are not relevant to the finished embroidery pattern with a uniform color in order to get a better result and to erase all distracting details in the background so that the colors of the main motive can be better recognized.


5) If you want to undo your adjustments you can reset the image to the original image.