FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I select "Symbols" but I don't see any symbols.

The symbols are only displayed in the created Pdf after the pattern has been saved.

I am saving the PDF but cannot find the file.

Where the file is saved depends on your browser and the settings stored there. Pixel stitch has no effect on this.

Can I create black/white/gray patterns with Pixel-Stitch?

No direct support is provided. However, you can only select colors that should appear in the created template. (See instructions point 4) Accordingly, only black/white/gray colors are chosen.

Can Pixel-Stitch process images with a transparent background or remove the background?

No, this is currently not possible. Pixel-Stitch does not support transparent png formats. These should be converted beforehand. The background can be removed using other professional image processing programs and then used in pixel stitch.

Can I use Pixel-Stitch for commercial purpose?

Any pattern created with pixel stitch can be used for a commercial purpose. Of course I would be happy to receive a donation in this case.