Pixel-Stitch - Convert photos into cross stitch patterns for free

pixel-stitch beispiel

Did you ever had a picture or photo in your hand and thought: it would be nice if I could transfer this into a cross stitch embroidery pattern. With a few clicks in your image editing programm you can easily pixelate images but you quickly come to your limit. For example when it comes to map the colors in the image in order to find the corresponding embroidery threads. And after that telling the printer that you want him to print out a handy, well-recognizable pattern ...

These problems belong to the past, because pixel stitch will assume these steps for you.

Just upload your favorite picture, determine the number of stitches as well as the number of embroidery colors and let pixel stitch do the work for you. In no time the pattern in PDF format will be provided to you so you can easily download and print it. In the PDF you will find all the infos to get started with your project like informations to the different color numbers and the legend of the embroidery pattern.

For detailed instructions click here.

Pixel-Stitch can also be used for many other use cases:

Pixel Art

You can also create Pixel Art images. Pixel Art is the art of showing pictures using squares. The result is reminiscent of the graphics of the first computer games.

Fuse beads

Fuse beads are small beads that can be placed on a pegboard to create interesting patterns. After heating them with the iron, the beads merge into a unique work of art. Pixel-Beads

Diamond Painting

With the help of tweezers or a special pen, small stones are placed on a self-adhesive canvas according to the template.